Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fear not the librarian . . .

Yesterday, I made a librarian laugh, which does not fit the typical no nonsense librarian stereotype.  Thankfully, I might add that stereotype is rather hard to find these days.

One of the projects I am currently involved with is an animated opera, so needless to say, the art of animation is a study of mine.  So, when I realized that the local library would be showing the animated children's film WALL-E, I wanted to be in on the experience.  Problem was, it read "children's film ages 6 and up".  Well, of course I fell in the "up" category but was not sure if the library felt the same way, so just to be sure, I rang up a librarian to ask.

Cautiously I asked, "I see you are showing the children's film WALL-E and I was just wondering if adults could attend?"  She must have been expecting a complaint or a problem, instead of my slightly naive question.  She "laughingly" assured me that adults are welcome.  It was a beautiful laugh.

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