Monday, January 5, 2009

International Film Day . . .

I do love libraries and find myself constantly delighted by their special events. This past Sunday I was fortunate to attend the 3rd Annual International Film Day at Ferguson Library. It was a mini film festival celebrating the best in short films around the world. It featured animation, art films and more. Tanghi Argentini, Le Mozart des Pickpockets, and Un Chien Andalusian were just a few of the shorts shown. I throughly enjoyed the afternoon; however, I do hope a discussion period will be added to the next festival.

I met a fellow film lover, Patti (pianist, jazz and foreign film aficionado) and hope to see her at the next Ferguson Film event.

Checked out Understanding Movies: The Art and History of Film, 14 lectures by Professor Raphael Shargel. It seemed so apropos at the time.

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