Friday, January 2, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation . . .

I am always pleasantly surprised when connections are made, dots are connected, the six degrees of separation so to speak . . .

My first New Year's wishes arrived from an old friend in New Orleans, Dean Shapiro. The six degrees: His mother grew up here in Stamford, CT.

Dean is busy; he has just finished another book, The Eleventh Commandment and is teaching at UNO. My memories with Dean go back to the New Orleans Opera Association and the grand old Masonic Temple Building. The old Grand Lodge is now The Hilton St. Charles Hotel. I wonder what happened to the 13th floor auditorium/theatre and the basement pool. Does the ghost of the young DeMolay that drowned in that pool still wander its floors? Are the hotel guests aware of the JFK conspiracy link, the fabulous Anne Rice Halloween parties, etc., etc.? What a wonderful building with so much history.

Thanks Dean and once again May All Your Dreams Come True this year!

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