Sunday, April 12, 2009

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A Happy Birthday salute to Peter Safar (April 12, 1924 – August 2, 2003), physician and pioneer in emergency medicine, oft referred to as the "Father of CPR".

" . . . whose pioneering 'Kiss of Life' procedure of mouth-to-mouth resuscitations is credited with saving countless lives. In the 1960s the technique was combined with new chest compressions, producing what's known today as CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. He also helped create the organization that, in 1976, became the World Association for disaster and Emergency Medicine. Although there are ancient references to the apparent use of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the Bible, the technique fell out of practice until rediscovered by Safar in the 1950s." direct quote source (1)

In 1958, he is credited with establishing America's (USA) first intensive care unit and in 1961, the world's first critical- care medicine program to train physicians in the skills of intensive care.

Trivia bit: He was nominated three times for the Nobel prize in medicine.

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