Friday, October 30, 2009

Meandering on the edge . . .

Today is the birthday of Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (October 30, 1885 – November 1, 1972), poet. Ezra Pound believed that poetry is the highest of arts and he is oft referred to as the poet's poet.

"All my life I believed I knew something. But then one strange day came when I realized that I knew nothing, yes, I knew nothing. And so words became void of meaning. I have arrived too late at ultimate uncertainty." - Ezra Pound

"If a patron buys from an artist who needs money, the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates." - Ezra Pound

"In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries." - Ezra Pound

"Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand." - Ezra Pound

"When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take - choose the bolder." - Ezra Pound

"Genius... is the capacity to see ten things where the ordinary man sees one." - Ezra Pound

"If a nation's literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays." - Ezra Pound

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