Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meandering to and fro . . .

Today is the birthday of Damon Runyon (October 4, 1880 – December 10, 1946), newspaperman and writer. He is best known for Guys and Dolls (1931), a collection of stories about a racy section of Broadway written in the uniquely rendered slang that became his trademark and gave rise to the term Runyonesque. The book was adapted as a musical by Frank Loesser in 1950.

"The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet." - Damon Runyon

"Always try to rub up against money, for if you rub up against money long enough, some of it may rub off on you." - Damon Runyon

"You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge." - Damon Runyon

"Trust, but verify." - Damon Runyon

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