Monday, August 23, 2010

Meander with me . . .

Today is the birthday of Edgar Lee Masters (August 23, 1868 - March 5, 1950), poet, biographer, and dramatist. He is best known for the Spoon River Anthology.

"Beware of the man who rises to power from one suspender." - Edgar Lee Masters

"How shall the soul of a man be larger than the life he has lived?" - Edgar Lee Masters

"Genius is a bend in the creek where bright water has gathered, and which mirrors the trees, the sky and the banks. It just does that because it is there and the scenery is there. Talent is a fine mirror with a silver frame, with the name of the owner engraved on the back." - Edgar Lee Masters

"To put meaning in one's life may end in madness, But life without meaning is the torture Of restlessness and vague desire-It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid." - Edgar Lee Masters

"Immortality is not a gift, Immortality is an achievement; And only those who strive mightily Shall possess it." - Edgar Lee Masters

"The earth keeps some vibration going, There in your heart, and that is you. And if the people find you can fiddle, Why, fiddle you must, for all your life." - Edgar Lee Masters

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